Swiftsell for Education

Boost admissions and streamline operations seamlessly with advanced conversational bots, eliminating the need for human intervention.

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1. Efficient Admission Process

- Elevate your enrollment rates by providing instant, 24/7 solutions to student queries. Guide students through documentation, enrollment steps, and campus information.
- Increase admission inquiries without expanding staff, serving as an invaluable resource for administrators overwhelmed with repetitive questions. Nurture engaged leads through outbound campaigns.

2. Tailored Course Guidance

- Offer personalized support for students regarding your institution's course offerings.
- Quickly address questions about course content, duration, credit requirements, and internship opportunities, enhancing the decision-making process for students.

3. Seamless Student Onboarding

- Resolve frequently asked questions about orientation, campus tours, schedule details, and upcoming events.
- Ensure a smooth onboarding experience with an omni-channel presence, reaching students via platforms like the website, Facebook Messenger, or WhatsApp.

4. Innovative University Finder for Consultants

- Enhance lead generation for your education consultancy. Assist students in finding their ideal university, matching their preferences such as cost, size, location, and available courses.
- Incorporate quizzes and assessments directly through the university chatbot, aiding in informed decision-making.