Swiftsell for Healthcare

Introduce an advanced healthcare chatbot in your hospital to significantly reduce clinical workload, streamline support, and ensure continuous outpatient care.

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1. Efficient Appointment Management

- Enable effortless booking of appointments and consultations over WhatsApp. Automatically connect patients with the most suitable specialists based on preliminary assessments.
- Facilitate appointment setting in alignment with doctors' availability.

2. Dynamic Patient Engagement & Multi-Channel Accessibility

- Elevate patient engagement and enhance your hospital's visibility with a robust multi-channel conversational interface.
- Deliver bespoke information based on individual patient symptoms.
- Schedule consultations with the hospital's practitioners efficiently.

3. Comprehensive Outpatient Support

- Offer thorough assistance with medication prescriptions, interpretation of medical reports, and detailed billing information.
- Clearly communicate the expected outcomes of medical procedures and recommend follow-up actions.
- Regularly send reminders for medication schedules, physical therapy appointments, and routine health check-ups.

4. Streamlined Billing & Registration

- Integrate Swiftsell seamlessly with the hospital’s billing and inventory systems. Provide patients with immediate access to billing details and easy contact with the billing department.
- Address queries related to insurance claims, coverage details, and medical procedures, thereby allowing your staff to concentrate on critical healthcare tasks.